Tibout Shaik

Who am I?!

About me
I am a front-end developer with experience in direct sales. I also like to dabble in creative writing and multimedia editing. I am looking for a new job opportunity as front-end developer! Could you use someone like me on your team? Reach out!

My skills
HTML,  CSS,  SCSS,  JS,  JQuery,  Ionic (Angular),  Bootstrap
Creative Writing,  Photo Editing,  Video Editing,  Direct Sales

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Projects I worked on

Pai River JamWhilst I was traveling through Thailand at the start of 2019, I made a few one pagers for local businesses. I created a template, so that I could quickly make simple but good looking websites. This made it possible to provide these sites at a low cost.


MyTimoFor a few months in 2018 I worked as a frontend developer for MyTimo, an online ticketing an accountancy startup. I learned to work with several frameworks, most notably Ionic. Most of my time was spend working on the frontend of several apps, building websites and creating good looking PDFs from HTML.


The Random PartyWe started the concept of The Random Party in Ghent, Belgium in June, 2018. Everyone helped out in whatever way they could, for me that also meant creating the website. We have already organized three editions, and they have all been a blast!


Monster MakerI created an easy to use card creator for the game Steem Monsters, which is now being used for design contests by 3rd parties. Monster Maker was created in November 2018.


SteemitworldmapSteemitworldmap is a geolocation tool for travel bloggers on the Steem blockchain. I founded the project in August, 2017. Nowadays it boasts over 30.000 blogposts from travel bloggers.


Places I visited

Thailand nov. 2018 - jan. 2019I spent two months traveling through Thailand. Hitchhiking from one place to another, driving a scooter around, getting in to wild adventures and enjoying beautiful vistas!

Bangkok, 2018It's 5 A.M. in the morning, I wake up feeling groggy. After a quick shower, I throw myself in the hammock spanning my room. The coffee slowly starts doing its job. It's not the first time I had a hard time sleeping before a long trip...

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Krakow, 2018The plane touches ground in Krakow, Poland. First time here. There is a sense of excitement and melancholia that always takes over the moment the wheels hit the ground of new land...

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Prague, 2018At the end of the day, it boils down to writing the story you want to write. What I’ve come to realize is that every life has magic in it. I still vividly remember the time I ran away from my home in Belgium...

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Malta, 2018A commonly asked question, definitely when you are traveling around. A question I ended up asking in Malta a few times. Normally it is presumed, that if you ask this question, you have a device that can take the pictures as well...

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Malta, 2018As some of you may know, my latest adventures have taken me to the small islands of Malta. I needed to escape the Belgian weather. Unfortunately, during my trip I have dropped my GoPro into the sea, including the SD-card...

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Berlin, 2017How did I end up with a rickshaw in Berlin? Hello, dear passenger, in the back of my rickshaw. Isn’t it kind of crazy how I’m just cycling around while you’re right behind me listening to my story?...

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